Through my work I seek to express the non-verbal, seemingly illogical undercurrent which connects all things.  Therefore, anything and everything could find its way into one of my paintings. My visual language mirrors the friction between the natural world (our instinctive nature) and our conditioning.
I draw references from film, literature, historical and personal events, from fashion and dreams. 
My paintings engage the viewer with universal aspects of the human condition, putting an emphasis on the feminine, or anima, apotheosis of the psyche. They induce the feeling one has right before waking up or falling asleep, embracing a realm of time which exists between two worlds:  conscious/subconscious, chaos/structure, creation/destruction, beauty/horror, desire/repulsion, present/past and possibly future. I consider the tension between these relationships when creating the internal logic of a painting.  My intention leads me to unite them in a seamless, sensuous reality, capable of resonating meaning on varied levels of perception.