Gina Magid's paintings have been described by Holland Cotter as "having a sense of time-release drama, as if half-hidden stories are going on", and there is indeed a recurring interconnectivity within Magid's oeuvre that creates a mysterious and circuitous narrative.

An image of a reclining woman blends effortlessly into the profile of another woman, which in turn dissipates into a crouching pink leopard whose vermillion spots are erupting into a storm of flower petals. Meanwhile, the same leopard (this time in black) makes an appearance in another painting down the hall. 

Magid's instinctual weaving of imagery speaks of a subliminal state where reality is enmeshed with dreams and time in an infinite loop - an apt metaphor for the practice of painting itself.

Magid has shown her work at institutions such as MoMa PS 1, The Aldrich Museum and The Tang Museum of Art. She is the recipient of a Guggenheim Memorial Foundation award and has collaborated with innovative companies such as TG-170 and Art For Film.